Career opportunities are amongst the most important decisions made in our lives. We respect that by partnering with us you expect to receive honest advice and a consultative service throughout your job search and as you transition into new positions throughout your career.

SMC Executive takes pride in our integrity and ability to build long term relationships with our candidates and will maintain a proactive approach to ensure your experience in working with us is positive, regardless of the outcome.


We will listen to your needs and ensure that any opportunities presented to you are relevant, attractive and in line with your career goals and aspirations. We will share with you our specialist market and industry knowledge and provide deep insights that will assist in your interview preparation and decision making.


All discussions will be completely confidential and we will not disclose your details to any party or represent you in any way without your prior consent. Furthermore, we will follow through on all actions agreed during meetings and subsequent conversations and provide regular and honest feedback throughout the process.

As with any partnership, two way communication is critical and we ask that you keep us informed of your employment situation and job search activity. We will always act with integrity, a key component of any trusting relationship, and whilst acknowledging that we will not be able to place all candidates who meet with us, we will provide as much support as possible and do our upmost to ensure you receive an honest and professional service.


If you would like to discuss your next career opportunity please contact one of our consultants for a confidential discussion.



Interviews may happen in a variety of forms, starting with a telephone interview, being asked to prepare a case study or an invitation for a face-to-face interview.

Preparation is essential and greatly enhances your chances of performing well at any interview and will often be the difference between your success and failure. Good preparation not only gives you an insight into the organisation, it can also give you clarity and confidence. Surprises can catch you off guard and often throw your poise, being the tipping point of an interview.

Please click here to download a document containing interview preparation guidance and information. For more detail please contact one of our consultants for a confidential discussion.


Contractors are a crucial part of our business and are valued members of teams within our clients’ organisations.   Our clients commonly rely on Contractors to meet and fulfil opportunities created by project work, peak period demands, maternity/personal leave etc.

SMC Executive’s Contracting team will keep in regular contact with you throughout your contract assignment to ensure you are happy in your role and are continuing to develop your skills. We will keep you up to date with any changes within the organisation, whilst also identifying opportunities for you to gain further experience and continue working with us.


As a Contractor with SMC Executive, you will receive full guidance on your options of working as a PAYG contractor or as a limited company.   We have a well-established, modern and user friendly online time sheeting and payroll systems in place together with an experienced and responsive support team to assist you when required.

For further information about contracting with SMC Executive or our payroll process, please contact:


Renee Boddington on 03 9604 0200 or payroll@smcexec.com.au


Below are some useful links for submitting and approving timesheets.


TimePro – Line Manager Instructions


TimePro – Contractor Instructions